Interim – management & projects

2ThinkLogic can manage and assist with your companies logistics challenges. Examples of how we can help and bring our expertise:

Manage transportation contracts & operations

Execution, evaluation, optimization, and compliance of contracts & operations

Develop and implement
up to date transportation strategies

A plan of action to achieve the set goals and the associated objectives

RFQ management
tools & support

RFQ software with evaluation tools to make supplier analysis and selection easy

solid communication structures

Outlining your communication methods to improve understanding and interactions between people

Project management
and execution

To achieve all project goals

CO2 reduction

Make your business compliant and competitive

Transport dashboard
Power BI building

Improve your sales strategy, operations and teamwork

KPI reports to control cost, performance
and CO2

Quickly and easily review and analyze key performance indicators

Launch initiatives

For cost reduction, performance improvement and green logistics

TMS implementation

All your logistics planning in one place

Sharing knowledge

Improve your sales strategy, operations and teamwork

Freight audit & pay

Save time & reduce costs by automating invoice audits

Improve the performance levels of transportation in terms of


budget control

CO2 reduction


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