Road freight change project

For one of the Global leading manufacturers of processing machines & moveable work platforms we have been involved in an exiting road freight change project. 2ThinkLogic supported and coached an international team in managing and coordinating a sourcing technology platform, data analytics and operational resources for a $20MM Pan-European transportation & logistics services sourcing project.

Due to the nature of the products with non-standard dimensions & weight , our team was challenged to source carriers not only fit for the job but also able to bring service levels to the next level. For this project 2ThinkLogic has put in a lot of effort to make sure that freight details and freight requirements were 100% clear for all parties involved using the right tools and transparent communication. Therefore our first steps in the project were to analyze the freight data, not only to identify the opportunities, but also to create a solid baseline we could use to share with participants and monitor the changes we have made during the project. Next to this we have also visited and audited the production sites to identify the common practice and requirements to smoothen onboarding of new carriers.

After the hard work of preparation we have launched a successful tender project where we invited 200+ carriers to participate. 2ThinkLogic has been able to support the customer by bringing the right tools in for communication, data analytics, dashboard,  scenario building, decision making and implementation. The final implementation of the tender results have led to company project successes like:

  • Annualized road freight budget savings of >10%
  • Carrier reduction from 180 carriers to 12 carriers
  • Standardized rate cards and accessorial
  • Carrier management functionality installed
  • Shipment visibility

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